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  • OREO Feline Massage
  • PACHOO required Canine Massage, EP for front end unexplained lameness.
  • COLUMBO   Service Dog
  • Benny comes to K9 in Motion Wellness for massages. (rip)
  • Kobe needed Massage, CLT, EP
  • Diesel required Massage, CLT, EP for Paneostitis (Growing Pains)
  • Rosie required Massage, CLT, EP for a FHO
  • Ryder required Massage, CLT, and EP for a fractured calcaneous
  • Titus -receives Massage Therapy, CLT, HEP
  • Lino   -Frenchie with IVDD Receives Massage Therapy, CLT, & Home Exercise program

Improves muscle tone
Increases movement
Reduces muscle and joint pain
Increases blood flow and promotes healing
Massage can boost the immune system
Removes toxins and waste products from muscles and tissues
Reduces risk of injuries

Signs to watch for in your pets 
Does your cat/dog have difficulty getting into or jumping into the car?
Can you visibly notice any muscle spasms?
Are your pets showing signs of weakness in their legs?
Do you pets act anxious or have mood swings? (anxious/grumpy)
Does your pet favor one or more legs? Frontend legs/hindlegs?
Does your pet appear lethargic?
Are your pets not wanting to go for walks or slowing down on their walks?
When picking up your pets, are they growling/biting/sensitive to the touch?

Canine Massage Techniques used:

Effleurage, Petrissage, Compression, Stroking, Kneading, Muscle Squeezing, Wringing up, Skin Rolling, Vibrations, Shaking, Friction, Tapotements, Clapping, Cupping, hacking, Beating.

Soothing Massage Movements
Slow stroking

Gentle wringing

gentle effleurage

Fine vibration

Fine shaking

Gentle petrissage with kneading, muscle squeezing, wringing up, and gentle compressions.

Stimulating Massage Movements

Fast stroking
Firm to vigorous effleurage
Petrissage with firm kneading, compressions, wringing up, skin rolling