Pet Bereavement Therapy 

We have all experienced some form of grief in our lives. Grief is the response to a loss of a person or animal (living thing), and usually when there was a bond between that person or animal. Grieving is a natural process which a person will goes through some phases. The phases can include shock, which immediately follows the death or loss of a person or animal. The second phase entails searching. This is when the person will start to develop different feelings, which includes being angry, sadness, sometimes confusion and can be asking the question, WHY? The last phase would be acceptance. As people grieve differently, they will go through the many stages on their own and will accept each phase at different times. Usually, grief can last a few months to a year. In some cases, where the bond was so deepened, grief can turn into PTSD.  Our pets are just not animals. To some of us, they are part of our family.    Other household pets can also grieve the loss.   When people do not get help with their grieving,  their feelings are stronger, deeper, and can cause many mental health issues.

In conclusion, experiencing grief is a normal reaction, but anyone experiencing a loss should seek help.